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Welcome to The Village

Thank you for your interest in The Village! We are a brand new church that recently launched in the Lenox Village/Nolensville/Cane Ridge area, and would love to have you join us at 9 and 10:30 for our Sunday morning worship gatherings at Sunset Middle School.

The Village welcomes all people as they are. Period. No one belongs here more than you.

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Service Times

Sunday Morning

9 am and 11 am



We meet at Sunset Middle School (200 Sunset Trail).

We look forward to welcoming you to The Village! 

For Kids

Village Kids is our ministry designed especially for children six weeks through 5th Grade. Our children are divided into three groups: Nursery (six weeks through three years old), Preschool (three years old by August 15th of the current year through Kindergarten), and Elementary (1st grade through 5th grade). 

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We have an amazing and growing group of teens, families, and leaders as part of our youth launch team pulling from 17 different schools.  We see teens as full adults in the church and our group is actively leading in worship, Village Kids, missions, and so much more.

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Village Groups are an extension of The Village into your neighborhood. Groups meet weekly throughout our community. In Groups, smaller communities gather to love, grow, and serve our neighbors.

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Our People

The Village People, as we refer to ourselves, are made up of a unique mix of community members from the Lenox Village/Nolensville/Cane Ridge area. Read on below for a few of their stories…

Jeff Stockard

There have been so many people who inspire me to follow Jesus. My mom is probably the first one that comes to mind. Just her dedication to Christ and to making sure that we as kids were at church every week and she encouraged us to participate and learn, you know reading bible stories and stuff at night. But as I’ve grown older there have been so many people at different churches I’ve been involved with that have been major influences. I think of people like the Ralls at Brentwood UMC. The dedication that they’ve taken through having a son that died due to a distracted driver...and they’ve taken that and now Pat does a mission helping people in prisons, and Doug and Pat together do this ministry where they educate people about distracted driving in the court systems. They’ve taken a tragedy and made something really positive out of it. I think Jesus would do that sort of thing. I think of people like Ken and Meredith Melrose. The passion that they have for ministry and mission trips that they get involved in...that inspires me.

Reggie Smith

Casey Enright

Kathryn and Cliff Taylor

Sophia Agtarap